Mom Jean Madness

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Floral Denim Bralet - Topshop
Taupe Jeffrey Campbell Litas - Office Shoes
Does my bum look big in this?
The come back of the 'Mom Jean' for S/S 2013 means I have been on the look-out for all of the ladies who are styling these babies right without being too sensitive about how pert or perky their posteriors look in them!
(Aaargh, now I have this song in my head)!!!
I am sure almost all ladies have a love / hate relationship with the 'Mom Jean' trend and there is no doubt in my mind that - that is purely down to how unflattering they can be and how they can also make you look as though you've gained a few pounds!
 Bum deal or what!!??
Saying that, as much as I hate how peachy these mom jeans make my derriere look, I can't help but love them for how perfect they are for pairing with the many crop tops I possess that are just dying for summer so that they can be worn.
I even spent a good few hours over the weekend just gone sipping skinny lattes with my entourage at Starbucks (which happens to be diagonal to Topshop) at one of my local shopping malls to see if I could spot any lovelies sporting the trend!
Of some of the girls I spoke to, it was so great to see how many of these frugalista fashionista's were in fact sporting jeans they'd reworked themselves that actually belonged to their own mothers and damn did they look totally awesome! 
I particularly noticed how the very tall super skinny (size 4) girls were wearing their mom jeans with sporty separates and flats whilst the not so tall girls were wearing their mom jeans with killer heels which in my mind is due to the fact that by elongating your body means that it ultimately eliminates the dreaded 'long butt' syndrome.
Yup, these bad boys AKA 'Mom Jeans' are notorious for giving women 'long-butt' syndrome and that really is quite simply down to the positioning of the pockets in relation to how high the waist sits in the actual cut of the jean which isn't such a bad thing if you're of supermodel height however if you're in the mid to lower part of the 5ft family, then they could make you look disproportionate if you don't style them correctly. theory of rear-lativity (ha see what I did there) is to ensure that no matter whether you love or hate this trend, mom jeans can be rocked so rock them with pride!
♥ XOXO ♥


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