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Très Bonjour!

Hi everyone!  My name is Nicole and I am a fashion and style blogger in the UK. 
I am a huge lover of all things fashion orientated, all things French and all things pink!
I am a huge cat lover too so all cat crazy bloggers are especially welcome! :-) 
My favourite fashion magazines are Vogue and Love however I am a sucker for all fashion mags!
I am Topshop crazy as you will see from my posts and the majority of my wardrobe is made up of Topshop pieces (and of course other high street brands too) but I also tend to purchase pieces that inspire me on the carefully selected fashion bloggers blogs that I follow. 
For more information or any questions or requests, please feel free contact me via the below e-mail address! 
I would love to hear from you
♥ XOXO ♥

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