50 Shades of Ice Cream

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Cropped Tee - Topshop
White Denim Levi's® Shorts - ASOS Marketplace
Ice Cream Shades - Primark
What an absolutely perfect day for some tongue tingling delights!  Not sure about you, but my absolute favourite Ice Cream brand is Ben & Jerry's!  Cookie Dough and The Vermonster are all I ever buy and I really should try some of the new flavours and be a little more adventurous with my taste buds.
I hear that the new Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Me Up is to die for so I will definitely be giving that a go after I've devoured these two tubs!
So, for those who have also made a recent shopping trip to Primark, you will have seen a range of their summer shades including these ice cream cone ones.  Aren't they awesome????  They had milkshake ones, flamingo ones etc etc.
I'm generally ice cream crazy and will buy almost anything that has ice cream prints on it!  You may have seen my Ice Cream Sundae Blog Post earlier this year........ yup.... ice cream print! :-)
Aaaaah, I just love summer where everyone can be adventurous in a number of gorgeous prints, not to mention shades that may make one look like a dork (i.e. me) but I don't care, I love them and they're soooooo much fun!
Enjoy the YouTube video guys...... give it some time to get going though
♥ XOXO ♥

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