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So, I must confess that as much as I fell in love with the return of the 'Disco Pant(s)', I wasn't too sure whether I was in love with them enough to warrant spending £74.00 on the pair I had been lusting over for ages!  Having seen them modelled by some of my favourite bloggers, no longer could I resist!  I have to therefore say that my disco pants are already the highlight of my year as I am sure they were to every woman after Grease hit the big screen in 1978.  Understandable given how gorgeous Olivia Newton-John looked in them (and ultimately what they do for your derrière!).  Ahem…. not that there is anything wrong with my derrière I hasten to add.
I went for the American Apparel ones in the end but have to say that many of the high-street stores like Topshop have gorgeous ones (Disco Treggings) and River Island too (High Shine Tube Pants) and online e-tailers like the much loved & customer-centric Missguided who offer them in a range of dazzling colours.
Of course to go with my Disco Pants I bought this amazing “SICK” t-shirt from Topshop in Oxford Street last week having passed on the opportunity to buy one that read “GEEK”.  I have to say, “GEEK” probably isn’t the right look for me.
Now then… for those who know me know that I live in heels and I would sleep with with them if I could, but given the immense popularity and return to fashion of the ever enduring Creeper I thought I would give them a go and have to say that they certainly are timeless and can be worn with all sorts of styling.  I went for the Underground Wulfrun Creepers in black suede from Office Shoes and I’ve never looked back.  I thought they paired nicely with my disco pants.  Eat your heart out Teddy Boys & Teddy Girls J

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