Pyjama Party

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TO ONESIE or not to onesie? That is the question.

Oh yes, the all-in-one ‘fashion phenomenon’ that is the onesie rears its head in my blog as over the past week I have seen endless write ups about the onesie, some positive although mostly negative as I am sure you can imagine with many who believe the onesie to be infantile.
Now then, whilst I totally appreciate and respect that that the onesie is not for everyone and isn’t the most complimentary or flattering item of clothing for everyone however......... if one can make the onesie rock, then good on ya!
Wearing a onesie outdoors (for those who dare) or indoors (like me), it is all part of the fun and there is absolutely nothing wrong with poking a bit of fun at yourself, no matter what your age.
The haters are party poopers who are in need of a strong dose of fun!

Its hats off to the likes of Asda for their launch of the twosie (a onesie but for two people) to mark Valentine’s Day just gone and a curtsy to the totes amaze onesie queen that is Cara Delevingne who has proven time and time again that the onesie can be cool and stylish whether you are a supermodel or not!
It is thanks to Cara’s endless snaps of her wearing a onesie that gave me the gumption to actually sport one myself (mine is sleepwear only) and I wouldn’t consider wearing anything other than this super cute onesie with honey bear ears at one of my girly champagne pyjama parties!
Onesie thing is for certain (see what I did there), if Cara Delevingne launches her own onesie collection, I’m there like a bear!


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