Pretty in Pink

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Denim Levi's® Shorts - ASOS Marketplace
Pink Converse High Tops - eBay
Hat - Primark
If you haven’t already guessed it by now, I have an unfaltering fondness for denim shorts, knee high socks and the colour pink!  Oh yes, it’s true!
I nearly never got round to a blog post today as I woke this morning to cloudy skies which made me feel rather melancholic for some reason and as I was working from home today, I was so tempted to stay in my ditsy PJ’s. wasn’t long before the cloudy skies cleared which meant that the sun filled my apartment with luminous and cheery sunbeams! 
That glorious sunshine meant that I got my groove back which resulted in the choice of attire of a summery nature for this blog post. 
All that I was missing was some scrumptious, frivolous and frenchified cakes for afternoon tea....oh and perhaps a Mad Hatter for company! 
♥ XOXO ♥


  1. This is SO CUTE! I am in no way hardy enough to wear that in this weather but it's now saved in my brain for summer wear.

    And that room is beaut. Are they just different coloured voiles?

  2. Hi Sarah

    Thank you for your comment! They certainly are different colour voiles, pink and cream! :-)

    I can't wait for summer... so many things I can't wait to wear! xx


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