Superbowl Shuffle

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The inspiration for this outfit came from a post I read online on the very cool 'Who What Where' website.  Their post 'Superbowl Fashion Essentials' is what made me buy this tee upon seeing it at Topshop in Oxford Street, London.
Whilst Superbowl Sunday doesn't mean all that much in the UK compared to the US, I couldn't resist joining the Superbowl party after having purchased this tee and whilst Superbowl Sunday seems like ages ago now, I still wanted to put this up on my blog just for a little fun.
As you can see, I even went so far as to add 'eye black' to my face to get into character! 
The only thing I wish I had was a proper game ball oh and some football boots!
Hey, did  you know that the eye black that American Footballers wear is used to reduce glare from any flood lights or sunshine?  Ha!  I didn't.  I thought it was more for dramatic purposes i.e war paint before the official gridiron battle on the playing field!
Unlike the American Footballers, there was no way I would be putting grease on my face, so all I had at home to compensate was M.A.C's Black Knight Limited Edition lipstick from their 2009 Style Black Collection.  It worked a treat (at least I thought so anyway).  I went for two black stripes rather than one big black block of colour just to mix things up a little, it looked less aggressive that way!  Tee hee!
Comfortable attire was certainly the order of the day on an occasion such a this.
What's your playing field?
♥ XOXO ♥

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