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Mesh Crop Vest - Topshop
Over Knee Socks - Topshop
I stumbled upon the gleaming splendour of this skirt in the video for the Missguided Blogger A/W Lookbook Shoot last year and that meant I just had to have one! 
I honestly haven’t had the right occasion to wear this skirt as yet and given I have 3 wardrobes full of absolutely everything to wear (but nothing to wear at the same time) the moment just hasn’t arisen as yet to reveal it so I thought I would give it some of my lovin’ for this blog post because I also wanted to show off my new mesh crop vest.
Sometimes I wonder whether it’s just me that has an inability to decide what to wear when standing in front of hangers upon hangers and shelves upon shelves in my wardrobes in both my bedroom and my dressing room because there is just too much to choose from (shopaholic) or whether I am just a shopaholic who likes to buy insane amounts of clothing and shoes just for the sake of it (lunatic)!
Possibly the latter?  LOL
So, yes, more on the skirt!  Missguided have this metallic skirt in a range of colours from the blue you see in this post, purple, there is also gold, black, lime and lilac.  The metallic is great for disco divas out there.  I have seen these skirts on some girls around town on some Friday and Saturday nights and they really do make for great evening apparel because of the metallic magic & sparkles that this skirt exudes. 
Bear in mind however that you don’t need to save your shiny fashion statements until after dark because the hottest metallic trends can be worn all times of the day and the good news is that the metallic trend is also going to see us through to spring / summer so I will have many opportunities still to wear this without freezing my BEEP off
So keep calm and shine on!
♥ XOXO ♥

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