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So, the winter monochrome style is going to continue to see us through to Spring which is just as well as I wouldn’t be wearing this LA Tee outside in today’s weather conditions due to the fear of rigamortis setting in from the cold! 
This trend for me has always been super chic and sophisticated and it is a trend that absolutely anyone can wear and you can be as wild or as tame as you like!
For those who love the 60’s and the ever classic looking gamine like Audrey Hepburn or the staple look of style icons / sex symbols like Brigitte Bardot (I love her), then monochromatic is certainly for you! 
Winged eyeliner, bold red lips and beautiful flowing waves of hair paired with monochrome is sure to create some sort of delicious dizziness for on-lookers, especially if you choose to go all out with your graphic prints through to great big chunks of colorblock.
Monochrome is also super slimming which is what makes me love it even more as to maintain a size 8 figure is hard work so monochrome is certainly great for the spring just until your summer body has recovered from a long winter of wanting to eat stodge and just hibernate.  
So ladies, get some Brigitte Bardot music going and get your monochrome on.
À bientôt

♥ XOXO ♥

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