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Black Lace Peplum Shirt - River Island
I first heard of James Lillis a year or so ago and how Black Milk Clothing originated which was such a inspiring story of not giving up in something you have a real passion for, something you believe in and for believing in yourself.
I came to know of James Lillis through the power of blogging and I am so glad I did as I take so much pride in wearing his creations, especially the galaxy prints which are literally ‘out of this world’.
If you’ve seen James Lillis in action, you will see why the fabrics, designs and collections at Black Milk are as epic as he is.  If however you haven’t seen James in action, take a look at his Podcasts on YouTube!  They’re a blast and his plush sharkies are just soooo cute (oh and if you are not familiar with James’ speak in terms of ‘Sharkies’ what he means by that is his ‘cult following’).
The Australian Online Fashion Label in 2013 will see a range of new products and some limited runs of prints which I can’t wait to see and of which I will be following closely and for you ladies out there with LTW’s, be sure to stay tuned for James’ swimsuits!
These leggings are lavish and are so comfortable and feel like body butter on the skin!  If you haven’t already got a pair, they are well worth the investment as not only do they scream ‘Queen of Cool’ but they are bound to get you a lot of attention from passes by and I have discovered you can wear these as Street Style as you want, or can also dress them up to look a little more formal with the right pieces in your wardrobe!
On to the shoes!  So, the reason I chose to pair my Black Milk Purple Galaxy Print Leggings with my back suede Jeffrey Campbell Litas is because not only are they a match made in heaven but Black Milk have collaborated with the LA based shoe designer to create some limited edition collections which were originally being sold exclusively on 
Ménage à trois did you say? :-) 
For cool girls EVERYWHERE! 
♥ XOXO ♥

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  1. Love your leggings!
    - Charlotte


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