Little Miss Sunshine

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Yellow Cornelli Collar Dress - Miss Selfridge
Yellow Flatforms - River Island
Straw Hat - Primark
A title fit for someone who feels that spring is but a few weeks away!  Oh yes, it is lighter in the mornings and evenings and The Woodland Trust has confirmed that the first signs of spring are emerging weeks early as a result of the mild winter we have had, with daffodils and snowdrops already in bloom!
I cannot wait to feast my eyes on these most beautiful flowers be it in the woods, valleys, stream-sides and slopes to rid me of my winter blues which I have had for far too long now!  I am even going for my St Tropez spray tan on Saturday!!
Righty-O sweeties!  So, the impending burst of daffodils was my inspiration for this outfit given its yellow and white.  I bought this yellow dress in the sales to go with my yellow and white flatforms as I had realised that my wardrobe didn’t possess anything in yellow! 
It took me absolute ages to find the right colour yellow to match the flatforms but I eventually did which really made me happy as I think I have OCD when it comes to matching my dress & shoes or my top and shoes or handbag and shoes and even accessories and shoes!  Yup, I’ve lost the plot!  Growing up, my mother always told me that my shirt should always match my shoes or my handbag should always match my shoes, as her mother told her when she was younger and so on and so forth!    
Of course fashion has changed over the years in terms of what may have seemed appropriate then vs. what is seen to be appropriate now by generations who haven’t necessarily accepted that fashion is what you make it  rather than what is deemed to be appropriate or proper.
That is why I love the four principal fashion capitals in the world, the mind-blowing ‘big four’ that is London, Paris, Milan and New York!  (Sorry Tokyo I have not forgotten about you).
Major capitals and their surrounding cities be it urban or rural are always showcasing people who are exceptionally stylish, chic, trendy, classy etc with some display of chaos along the way and I love that so very much! 
For me, fashion really is an extension and expression of oneself and without it; I would probably be someone exceptionally lacklustre and humdrum!  It is who I am! did I go off the subject of my little yellow dress!  Sorry I got carried away there.  I was having a moment! 
Fashion is my springtime!
♥ XOXO ♥

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  1. Love the yellow dress! I also miss spring!



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