A Floral Frenzy - Part 2

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Dungarees - River Island
Pink Shirt - Primark
Pink Sultry Heels - Topshop
Hat - Primark
I am starting to feel as though Spring is never going to come which is not a nice feeling to have!  I am so totally over this awful weather we have been having with yesterday being by far the coldest I have ever felt, I just couldn’t face getting out of my onesie to take some new snaps which I apologise deeply for guys! 
The snaps in this post were taken on that gorgeous spring like day the week before so thought it would be nice and cheery to do another post on florals as there is nothing like that summery happiness. 
There are so many floral dungarees that I have lusted over in the past and I have found that whilst the prints are amazing, the fit is always a major let down!  With pink being my favourite colour, I just fell in love with these as I knew I could pair these with quite a few pieces in my wardrobe given the subtle colours of the print on the white fabric.  It also fits beautifully and is so very comfy!
Roll on sunshine, so looking forward to trips to the beach and some lovely summery picnics oh and not to mention the champagne and strawberry Pimms cocktails!  Yum!
♥ XOXO ♥


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