Ice Cream Sundae

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Pastel Blue Jamie Jeans - Topshop
Pink Sultry Heels - Topshop
Still no sign of Spring!  Aaaargh!!! I can't believe it!
I so love these cheerful prints and this ice-cream print blouse from ASOS is one of the cutest prints I have ever seen!  They go beautifully with these pastel denims from Topshop!  All that is missing is a suntan!  I am the milkiest bar by far so can't wait to hit the beach!
There is an influx of items in my wardrobe that I am dying to wear when the weather gets better!  So many wonderful pieces that have yet to be worn and still possess all of their tags.
I popped in to Zara yesterday to take a look at their summer gear and there were so many pretty things in their TRF section that I could certainly see myself wearing over the summer but had to stop myself because I have so many clothes that have never been worn as it is.  It was so hard to be good, but please that I refrained from making any naughty purchases.
I did however spoil myself to a few bits off eBay from both Topshop (Carey Jeans) and Sinstar (Double C baggy sweat) so when they arrive I will be sure to feature them in my blog posts!
Its so hard not to spend when all the stores have such beautiful colours flitting here, there and everywhere for Spring / Summer!
♥ XOXO ♥

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