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Hat - Zara
So, the reason for purchasing this outfit is due to another shopping moment at Topshop whereby I spotted a member of the Retail Staff swaggering around the shop floor in all her fabulousness! 
It was just my luck however that all of their size 8’s were sold out!  There was one size 10 left which I tried on and which fitted (as these do come up smallish as per their online reviews) so I bought them but not having been able to try on a size 8 for comparison meant that my quest to find a size 8 would need to start toute-de-suite!  I was however tempted to ask the Retail Lady if she wouldn’t mind taking hers off so that I could try them on for size but thought that I may be asked to leave the store if I did that so wasn’t exactly a genius idea.  
Now then, what I am about to tell you will hopefully give you some insight in to my allegiance to ‘la mode’!
Subsequently, I visited and telephoned every single Topshop store in London, Berkshire, Hampshire & Oxfordshire!  I managed to come across a size 8 at the Topshop concession in Debenhams in the Oxford City Centre (woohoo!!) so off I set to collect them as the lovely Retail Lady who called me ‘Darling’ on the phone said she would hold on to them for me for 24 hours!  So I was like, 24 hours, no way, I will be there in 45 minutes!  I was assured that the trousers were the ones I was looking for despite a very slight differentiation in the item code.
Upon my arrival they were in fact the checked ponte leggings instead of the checked ponte trousers!  Gutted!  I was traumatised to say the least!  Nonetheless I bought them in the hope that they would look as equally stylish as the trousers…… (let me just say I returned the leggings for a refund the following day at my local store). 
With gritted teeth, every day after that, I continued to check stock on the Topshop website to see whether they had online stock or whether any of their stores had a size 8 of the trouser in stock (as I wasn’t having any luck with the online stock checker) and continued to call each of the stores that were local to where I live and work… without any luck whatsoever.  I even emailed their customer service team to try and track down a size 8, still nothing.  Anyway, you get the picture!
Just as I was about to give up my hunt for a size 8, I thought I would try one last time online just before going to bed (my iPad sleeps next to me every night) and ta da!!!!!!!!!  There appeared a size 8 online!  The sheer excitement of having seen a size 8 caused what I believe to be a premature ventricular contraction (i.e. it skipped a beat)!  Yeah it was kinda weird!  All of that in the name of fashion ‘ey?  Rather barmy!
Checking out....
♥ XOXO ♥

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